Monday, 12 November 2012

Dela commercial

Last summer, when I was still an intern at Design is Dead, I got the chance to work on an animation commercial for a new concept by insurance company Dela: Safe in Heaven. This is sort of a ‘virtual testament’, an online safe to store personal documents and passwords for social media and other online accounts, where your family can retrieve them in case something happens to you.
We used a stop motion technique, quite similar to the one of the animation shorts for ‘Iedereen Beroemd’. I got to draw the storyboard, and then I designed and made everything, starting with the big cardboard safe.
For me, this was a great opportunity! I had never worked on a commercial before, and got a lot of freedom during the design process.

Here’s a part of the storyboard:

And I hope you like the result!

Script: Dela
Storyboard & design: Mirjam Plettinx
Animation & sound: Jasper Van Gestel
Post-production: Wes Nijssen
Voice (NL): Pieter Embrechts