Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Paper animations: Het Laatste Woord door Jasper

It’s been a while since I posted work on my blog. But the last few months I’ve been very busy with my first real job! I worked at Design is Dead, a creative agency in Antwerp, on a series of cutout animation shorts created by Jasper van Gestel. Every episode Jasper gives his own original view on an idea, a trend, or something that has caught his eye. My job was to design and produce the characters, props and every other visual element needed. Such fun! :)
Our animations are shown every monday at the end of ‘Iedereen Beroemd’, a TV show on ‘Eén’ (channel 1 on Belgian national television). Which is exciting, because it means our work gets to be watched by at least one million viewers per episode!

This one was the very first to air on TV (it’s about hipsters).

You can watch the rest of our paper animations on Jasper’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.